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Denmark's first quality-assurance app

for teaching in technical driving facilities.

The Tivilo app which keeps track of your students' behaviour!

At EG DRIVE A/S, we do not only make skid pans, automatic cones, drains, level-free water systems and asphalt work.

In collaboration with software developers at the company Tivilo Aps we have also developed Denmark's first quality-assurance app for driving licenses in the categories B, C, D, E, Police and rescue, as well as for technical driving events.
The Tivilo app keeps track of your student's speed, and with one tap, the instructor’s app can activate the different exercises.

SmartPhone APP DrvTpAD
DrivTq App

The system ensures that students do not drive too fast on the return roads and shows them exercise videos while they are waiting. The app is international and currently speaks four languages, all to raise the level and ensure the quality of the student's understanding and learning.
The app means an end to the old radar- or coil-based speed displays. With this solution you can easily add or move the speed displays that you need.
We are continuously developing the system. We are currently running a development project with DTU in order to be able to read and write to cars’ CAN bus in the future.

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