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Skid pans – Technical driving facilities

EG DRIVE A/S is your professional partner when it comes to carrying out paving tasks in technical driving systems. We carry out skid pans, automatic cones, drains, level-free water systems and asphalt work.
As a turnkey contractor we are responsible for the entire project, with co-ordination of all relevant professional groups. We make technical driving systems according to the latest standards. At EG DRIVE, we have a vision: to offer the most modern skid pans for technical driving systems on the market, whether for cars or trucks.

FDM Sjællandsringen (Technical Driving Facility)

For FDM (Federation of Danish Motorists), EG Drive A/S renovated "Sjællandsringen's" three skid pans.

The technical driving system was equipped with a total of 4000m2 of skid pans, divided into a straight, a curve and a hill.

The contract was completed in the summer of 2017.

Køreteknikken ApS, Viborg (Technical driving facilities)

For Køreteknikken, EG Drive A/S renovated all skid pans in Viborg and at their sister facility in Skive.

Storkøbenhavns Køretekniske anlæg

Greater Copenhagen Technical Driving Facility

For Greater Copenhagen's Technical Driving facilities (Storkøbenhavns Køretekniske anlæg), EG Drive constructed both straight and curved tracks, making a total of 1900m2 of skid pans in Amager, as well as at their sister facility in Tølløse of the same size.

New skid pan at "Dekra Køretekniske anlæg" in Ellested by Ørbæk (DK).

Establishment of a skid pan on a hill at Denmark's largest driving technical facility,

New skid pans at "Trafikcenter Scantec AB" in Kumla, Sweden.

For "Trafikcenter Scantec AB" in Kumla, EG Drive has carried out renovation of the facility's three skid pans.
These tracks can withstand a load from vehicles with a total weight of up to 60 tons.

The contract was completed in the summer of 2017.

Learn more: Trafikcenter Scantec AB

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